A Catholic, college preparatory high school located in beautiful Sonoma County.


的re is ONE official and primary 纽曼枢机主教标志. It is accompanied by an abbreviated version of our initials, CN, for use on clothing and where space is limited.

的 Cardinal Newman logo is an intentional design that is recognizable and serves as a visual anchor for countless associations the community have with our brand. It is therefore important to use the logo with fidelity to its design and color palette. 的 logo should never be distorted or combined with other marks.
Cardinal Newman eps logo
Cardinal Newman jpg logo
Cardinal Newman png logo
CN eps标志
CN jpg标志
CN png logo

An alternative CN spirit graphic is approved for athletics. This graphic element is not a substitute for either of the two logos.

Cardinal Newman has one official 吉祥物 graphic used primarily for athletics. 的 graphic is a stylized cardinal and uses our brand colors. 的 Cardinal graphic can be used facing left or right to best suit the design, but should not be used together.
Cardinal Graphic eps
Cardinal graphics jpg
Cardinal Graphic png

If you need a logo in a different size or format than available here, please send email your request with as much detail as possible.

In addition the the logo, our color palette helps create and reinforce our visual identity. Our colors include Cardinal Red and Gold, plus Grey, Black, and White. Cardinal Red symbolizes the Blood of Christ. Cardinal Gold symbolizes the Chalice of the Eucharist.
Our colors are defined by specific formulas to ensure consistent use.

的 third key element of an identity system is the consistent use of typography. Cardinal Newman uses four type families, Proxima Nova is our primary font. This sans serif font is used in Regular or Light weights for body copy and Semibold or Bold weights for emphasis and headlines. Arial is a suitable alternative when Proxima Nova is unavailable. Our supporting font family is Adobe Garamond. 作为辅助字体, it is best used for headlines and callouts, but is not preferred for body copy and long-form copy. 乐竞体育官网 uses a fourth approved font for team and fan wearables, University Regular. This is a common slab or block serif font.

Fonts can be purchased at www.myfonts.com.

General Student Wear uses the Abbreviated CN Logo and school colors to the closest possible match. Regular Cardinal Newman student wear is available through DK刺绣.  的 鸟笼 features other approved options but does not carry Student Wear.

All clothing using Cardinal Newman name, logos, and marks must be approved by the school President.

To ensure a uniform and consistent look across all athletic teams,  the athletic department has a defined set of elements including the Cardinal Newman, 运动名称, and use of the 吉祥物 graphic. Please check with athletics before ordering or creating wearables.